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Subtitle Mulan

This studies is already the analysis of cultural idiomatic expressions in Disney Mulan movie. This purpose of this study is (1) find out the idiomatic expressions located in Mulan movie, (2) describe the type of idiomatic expressions carried out inside the Mulan movie. This studies belongs to the qualitative descriptive studies. The researchers have implemented numerous steps, are as follows; have been downloaded each English and Indonesian subtitles of Mulan movie from The researcher have been categorized the idiomatic expressions discovered within the movie based totally at the Indonesian of subtitle. The idiomatic expressions could be the focal point of this step, after that the researcher had analyzed method within the translating of idiomatic expressions in Mulan movie. Primarily based on the studies, the researchers discovered 35 idiomatic expressions in Mulan movie. There are 4 sorts of idiomatic expressions. They may be 2 idiomatic expressions of trinomial, 7 idiomatic expressions of euphemism, and 26 idiomatic expressions of constant assertion.

subtitle Mulan


"It's performed with different languages because of the countries they visited, such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar. We watched the audiences' reactions and they were very impressed by the music and the actors' singing," says Shum, adding that in the Beijing performances, the musical will be performed in Cantonese with Mandarin subtitles. 041b061a72


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