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Chess Informant 125 Pdf Download

Chess Informant 125 PDF Download: A Review and Guide

If you are looking for a reliable source of high-quality chess content, you might want to consider downloading the Chess Informant 125 PDF. Chess Informant is a prestigious chess publication that has been providing chess players and enthusiasts with the latest games, analysis, theory, and puzzles since 1966. Chess Informant 125 is the latest edition of this series, and it contains 336 pages of rich and diverse chess material. In this article, we will review some of the features and benefits of Chess Informant 125, and provide you with a guide on how to download it for free.

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What is Chess Informant?

Chess Informant is a chess periodical that is published four times a year by the Serbian company Sahovski informator. It is widely regarded as one of the most authoritative and influential chess publications in the world, and it has been endorsed by many top players, such as Garry Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand, and Anatoly Karpov. Chess Informant covers all aspects of chess, from opening theory to endgame technique, from classical games to modern innovations, from tactical puzzles to strategic concepts. Each issue of Chess Informant contains hundreds of annotated games, surveys, studies, combinations, and problems, as well as articles by renowned chess authors and experts.

What is Chess Informant 125?

Chess Informant 125 is the latest issue of Chess Informant, and it was released in December 2019. It features games played between September and December 2019, including the World Cup, the Grand Swiss, the European Team Championship, and the Grand Prix. Some of the notable contributors to Chess Informant 125 are Wesley So, Levon Aronian, Pentala Harikrishna, Ivan Cheparinov, Michael Adams, Alexander Morozevich, and many others. Chess Informant 125 also contains special sections on the following topics:

  • The best game and the best novelty of Chess Informant 124

  • The most important theoretical novelties from Chess Informant 124

  • A tribute to GM Evgeny Sveshnikov (1950-2018), a legendary chess player and opening innovator

  • A survey of the Sicilian Defense with 3.Bb5 by GM Aleksandar Colovic

  • A survey of the King's Indian Defense with 6.h3 by GM Ivan Sokolov

  • A survey of the Ruy Lopez with 6.d3 by GM Robert Markus

  • A survey of the Queen's Gambit Declined with 5.Bf4 by GM Milos Pavlovic

  • A survey of the Catalan Opening with 4...dxc4 by GM Spyridon Kapnisis

  • A survey of the English Opening with 1.c4 e5 by GM Dejan Antic

  • A survey of the Reti Opening with 1.Nf3 d5 by GM Aleksandar Indjic

  • A selection of endgame studies by IM Yochanan Afek

  • A selection of combinations by GM Branko Tadic

  • A selection of endgame positions by GM Karsten Mueller

  • A selection of problems by IM Marjan Kovacevic

Why should you download Chess Informant 125 PDF?

There are many reasons why you should download Chess Informant 125 PDF. Here are some of them:

  • You will get access to a wealth of chess information that will help you improve your skills and knowledge.

  • You will be able to study the games and analysis of some of the best players in the world.

  • You will be able to learn from the insights and opinions of some of the most respected chess authors and experts.

  • You will be able to enjoy a variety of chess content that will challenge your mind and entertain your spirit.

  • You will be able to save money and space by having a digital copy instead of a physical one.

How to download Chess Informant 125 PDF for free?

If you are interested in downloading Chess Informant 125 PDF for free, you have several options. One of them is to visit the official website of Chess Informant, where you can purchase the PDF version for 29.99 euros. However, if you want to get it for free, you can try the following methods:

  • Visit the Reddit post titled "Chess Informants 1 - 153" by user Stef1954. This post contains a link to a file-sharing website where you can download all the Chess Informants from 1 to 153 (except 149) in .djvu and .pdf formats. You will need a base64 decoder to access the link.

  • Visit the website Documents and E-books, where you can find a PDF file titled "Chess Informant 125 Training Tests.pdf". This file contains 16 pages of training tests from Chess Informant 125, which you can use to test your chess skills and knowledge.

  • Visit the Internet Archive, where you can find a PDF file titled "Chess. Informant 2005 Anthology.of. Chess. Combinations 3e 580p YUG". This file contains a collection of chess combinations from Chess Informants 1 to 100, which you can use to improve your tactical vision and calculation.

We hope that this article has given you a useful overview of Chess Informant 125 and how to download it for free. Chess Informant is a valuable resource for any chess lover, and we highly recommend that you check it out. Happy chessing!


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