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Christopher Phillips
Christopher Phillips

Autodesk Autocad 2009 Keygen Activation Code [UPDATED]

very disappointing. i played by the rules and paid all that money for the program and updates. i used one computer and autocad sent me verification codes whenever their server couldn't tell that it was me on my machine. i tolerated the glitch of having to re-verify when necessary because at least i had a solution. then they stopped re-verifying but they at least let me use the program by logging in with the "run the product" option. i thought it was the solution to not having to support the program. wrong!!! it stopped working after about a week. i'm a dinosaur and out of the business anyway so it's not life or death to me. but it has stopped me from puttering around in the program. disappointed. that's me, especially after all these years.

autodesk autocad 2009 keygen activation code

Hi, I have autocad 2009, I have not used it for several years and recently loaded it onto a new computer. I have the code that is with the barcode on the label with the disks. I am being asked for an activation code but I cannot find it as the box has gone missing. Is there anyway of activating it. Thanks. 350c69d7ab


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