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Conversations With Friends 1x6 BEST

Emergencies include a ride-share trip gone awry, a farming accident and a memorial service that may turn into another funeral. Owen unexpectedly bonds with the former Captain of the 126, while Marjan and the crew help Mateo try to pass his written exams.[2]

Conversations with Friends 1x6

Clark Kent meets Cassandra Carver at the Smallville Retirement Center. She lost her vision during the meteor shower, and now she can see the future. When Harry Volk falls into a pond full of meteor rocks, he becomes young and sets off on a mission to kill the descendants of the jury who convicted him of murder 60 years ago, including Jonathan Kent. Cassandra is able to provide Clark with some insight into his future, but she dies when she sees a vision of Lex Luthor's future.

Clark, Pete and Lana are volunteering at the Smallville Retirement Center to fulfill a required 30 hours of community service for school. Clark has been assigned to read to Cassandra Carver, a blind woman who believes she can see the future. Although blind, Cassandra is very perceptive, and can identify her surroundings quite accurately. Pete asks to have his fortune told. Cassandra seems to rebuff him, but drops her book so that he will pick it up and hand it to her. When he does, she touches his hand and tells him to check his pockets and he realizes that he has locked his keys in his car. He leaves Clark alone with Cassandra who reveals to Clark that someone close to him is going to die very soon. Later, Clark tells his parents about Cassandra's vision, but they are unconcerned. Lana visits Harry Bolston. He is listening to classical music. He confesses to being obsessed with the local history of Smallville after revealing that the Langs came to Smallville in 1938.

Harry uses a wheelchair and asks Lana to push him around the grounds and tell him what the Langs have been up to since 1938. She takes him to the koi pond, where Harry asks Lana to leave him on the bridge and go back to his room to fetch him a scarf. While she is gone, he tries to sneak a cigarette, but drops his lighter. He reaches over to retrieve it, but upsets his wheelchair, falls through a string of decorative lights and tumbles into the pond and sets off a brilliant display of sparks. Harry seems unable to move for several seconds until suddenly he is young again. He stands up and laughs manically. It is then revealed that the pond has been contaminated with meteor rocks. He then retrieves some old newspaper clippings and lists containing the name Zoe Garfield, a waitress at the Beanery.

At the Beanery, Zoe waits on Harry. Clark and Lana arrive with Chloe Sullivan. Lana laments the missing Harry Bolston. Her friends try to console her and offer theories regarding his disappearance. Harry, eavesdropping, wishes them luck finding him.

Back at the retirement center, Harry is playing the piano. Cassandra tries to trick him into taking her hand, but Harry refuses. Lana notices that someone has removed Harry's picture as a young man from the bulletin board. Clark is there to see Cassandra again. Lana tells Clark that she has just given a statement to the police. She learned that Harry Bolston's real name is Harry Volk. He was convicted of murder 60 years ago when he was 17. In the 1940s, he was studying to be a concert pianist and was up for a scholarship to the Metropolis Conservatory, but his teacher recommended someone else, so Harry murdered his teacher's son. Cassandra tells Clark that she began having visions at the same time she lost her sight- the day of the meteor shower. When Clark takes Cassandra's hand they both see a vision of him kneeling in the rain surrounded by tombstones bearing the names of all the people he loves: his parents and his school friends. The tombstones seem to go on forever. Clark runs off, terrified. He tells his parents about the vision and they try to comfort him, but Clark has interpreted it to mean that he will outlive everyone that he loves and is destined to be alone.

Clark, Chloe and Pete meet in Clark's loft. Pete tells Clark that Jim Gage was found blindfolded and strangled with piano wire. Chloe says that was the same way Harry Volk killed the piano teacher's son in 1945. Clark thinks it might be a copycat, but Chloe has a photo of Harry Volk from the 1940s. It looks just like that guy they saw at the Beanery. Of course, Chloe is ready to assume that Harry has traveled through time. Clark suggests they search Harry's room for fan mail of a copycat.

Cassandra catches Clark on his way to Harry's room. Chloe and Pete go on ahead while Clark stops to talk with Cassandra. Cassandra admits that she knows that Clark is not like everybody else. She has seen him many times in the futures of many other people, saving them over and over again from pain, despair, fear and darkness. Clark takes Cassandra's hand again and sees a series of flashes of visions of people in trouble, but Cassandra can't tell him who they are.

A sheriff's deputy arrives at the hospital to pick up the unidentified "kid from the Beanery assault," but when they enter the room they find the aged Harry Bolston handcuffed to the bed. At the koi pond, Lana tells Clark that Harry told police that a kid who was obsessed with his case kidnapped him. When Clark begins to feel ill, he looks down into the pond and sees the meteor rocks. Clark tells Harry that he suspects the truth. Harry seems more interested in the fact that his name is Kent. He calls the nurse to ask Clark to leave. Later, Harry pushes himself out to the koi pond in his wheelchair and dives in.

At the Torch, Chloe and Pete are studying news coverage of Volk's trial. Lana arrives to announce that Harry is gone. Chloe finds a list of jurors that worked on Harry's trial with Hiram Kent's name on it. Martha Kent answers her door to find the young Harry Volk impersonating a gas man. Martha doesn't smell gas and figures out that Harry is lying. She tries to call out and finds the phone is disconnected. She hits Harry over the head to get to her car and finds the tires have been slashed. Finally she hides in a grain silo. Harry finds her and attacks her with a knife. Martha pulls a lever and buries them both in grain. Clark and Jonathan arrive just in time to pull her out and resuscitate her.

"Every Night Is Another Story" is the sixth episode of the first season of One Tree Hill and the 6th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on October 28, 2003. When Whitey throws Lucas and Nathan off the bus due to their misconduct on the basketball court, not only does it leave the two brothers stranded 30 miles from home, but they encounter a carload of punks who threaten them with a gun. Injured during the game, Brooke needs Peyton to drive her home and in, an unlikely turn of events, Peyton asks Haley for help. Meanwhile, Karen and Keith attend a business function and tempers flare when Dan and Deb are seated at their table.

Haley and Peyton are in the car together listening to music and seemingly have become good friends. Brooke emerges from the backseat and is oblivious to how Haley got in the car and where they are. Meanwhile, Lucas and Nathan are in the car together, the unlikely pairing decide to run from the car when it gets stuck in mud and can't be moved. The two boys stand in the middle of the road as the girl's car comes down the road. As the car stops and everyone comes into view, everyone is confused with who each other is with and Brooke sums it up by saying 'what the hell is going on.'

At school, Lucas and Haley seem to be getting their friendship back to normal as Peyton approaches them. Peyton gives Lucas a CD as a thankyou for helping her with the death of her mother. Nathan also finds Haley and persuades her to go to away game, Lucas' first. Haley is persuaded to go. Meanwhile, Deb and Dan have been invited to the annual SBL (a dinner for small businesses in Tree Hill.) Dan doesn't want to go as he is going to be forced to miss the basketball game, but Deb forces him to go. Keith and Karen have also been invited and both decide to go together. When Lucas finds out, he begins teasing Karen about it being a date, but Karen denies this but seems to show a slight interest in the idea. Peyton, now at home, gets a visit from Brooke, who comes in to make friends after Peyton had an argument with her at cheerleading practice. Peyton apologizes and the two make up and they go to the game together, not before Brooke flashes herself at Peyton's webcam as she thinks that is what they are for. On the bus to the game, Lucas begins listening to Peyton's CD whilst reading a book by John Steinbeck.

At the game, Mouth is commentating for his website. Next to Haley, Mouth tries to get Haley to help commentate but Haley is less than impressed and refuses to join in. At the cheerleading line, Brooke and Peyton are talking about the Scott brothers. Brooke gives Peyton a courtesy call on Lucas for now but then sees Nathan and Haley looking at each other. Brooke is convinced that the two like each other and gets confused with all the love ties between the 5 main characters, referring to it as 'a love rectangle plus one.' Haley recieves the name tutor girl by Brooke. As the game begins, the Ravens are leading by a long shot. When Nathan is fouled, he begins blaming Lucas and the two start taunting each other. Eventually, the two break into a fight which gets so out of hand that they crash into the cheerleaders and end up fighting on top of Brooke.

On the way home, Whitey pulls the bus over to one side of the road. Although the Ravens won and kept their undefeated streak, he wants the team to work as together like a team should. So Whitey throws both Lucas and Nathan off the bus and tells them to start working as a team to get back 30 miles to Tree Hill. Walking home, Nathan and Lucas continue to argue together making the walk home even more unbearable. As they are arguing, some punks from the opposing team pulls up by them and offers them a lift. Although Lucas advises they don't, Nathan doesn't listen and walks to the car. The team then drag Nathan into the car and Lucas is forced to get in too. The team then reveal a gun in the car and tell them to do as they say. Lucas and Nathan are forced to go shopping for embarrasing items such as hemmoroid cream and they have to do this in their underwear with 'ravens suck' on their backs. As the two are shopping, the shop owner calls the police unknown to the two Ravens. As the two leave the store, the police come and they are forced to drive away with the punks to stay out of trouble. 041b061a72


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