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Fixed Download Python 3 For Mac

Many users have dozens of Python interpreters on their computer already, but have no idea how to manage them effectively. Too often, people just download the latest Python release, move it to their path, and call it a day (or use brew install python3, which would do something similar). This can cause breakages down the line in frustrating ways that can be difficult to troubleshoot.

Download Python 3 For Mac

This strategy works, but it isn't ideal for making future updates to Python. It means we have to remember to check the website and download the new files since Python doesn't include a command-line way to update.

I did all the steps as mentioned and they showed everything with python 3.7, except when in the end I do a python -V, it still shows the version as 2.7. Any idea how I could override the python version?

Hey Sauav! When you run `which python` does it show a shim pathway or a direct pathway to /usr/bin/python? If it's the latter, make sure you have the `eval "$(pyenv init -)"` statement in your .bashrc or .zshrc depending on your shell.

Installing or updating Python on your computer is the first step to becoming a Python programmer. There are a multitude of installation methods: you can download official Python distributions from, install from a package manager, and even install specialized distributions for scientific computing, Internet of Things, and embedded systems.

Full Installer: This approach involves downloading Python directly from the website. This is recommended for intermediate and advanced developers who need more control during the setup process.

If you have a 64-bit system and would like to switch from 64-bit Python to 32-bit (or vice versa), then you can just uninstall Python and then reinstall it by downloading the other installer from

This tutorial is not intended to teach you Python itself. Once you are familiar with the basics of VS Code, you can then follow any of the programming tutorials on within the context of VS Code for an introduction to the language.

The system install of Python on macOS is not supported. Instead, a package management system like Homebrew is recommended. To install Python using Homebrew on macOS use brew install python3 at the Terminal prompt.

Data Science: If your primary purpose for using Python is Data Science, then you might consider a download from Anaconda. Anaconda provides not just a Python interpreter, but many useful libraries and tools for data science.

Note You can use the py -0 command in the VS Code integrated terminal to view the versions of python installed on your machine. The default interpreter is identified by an asterisk (*).

Note: If you select an interpreter without a workspace folder open, VS Code sets python.defaultInterpreterPath in User scope instead, which sets the default interpreter for VS Code in general. The user setting makes sure you always have a default interpreter for Python projects. The workspace settings lets you override the user setting.

Python is a widely-used general-purpose, high-level programming language. This article will serve as a complete tutorial on How to download and install Python latest version on macOS / Mac OS X. Like Linux, macOS also comes with Python pre-installed on the system. It might be Python version 2 or some similar outdated version. To update to the latest version, we will use the Homebrew Package manager. It is one of the best and convenient methods to install Python on macOS.To know more about Homebrew Package manager, visit here.

will be to install Python 2.7 with the Python 2Miniconda and to install Python 3.8 with the Python3 Miniconda. You can override the default byexplicitly setting python=2 or python=3. Italso determines the default value of CONDA_PYwhen using conda build.

However, you can alias the commands in most shells, Since the default shells in macOS (bash in 10.14 and below; zsh in 10.15) share a similar syntax. You could putalias python='python3'in your /.profile, and then source /.profile in your /.bash_profile and/or your/.zsh_profile with a line like:

With this, python command now invokes python3. If you want to invoke the "original" python (that refers to python2) on occasion, you can use command python, which will leaving the alias untouched, and works in all shells.

I think when you install python it puts export path statements into your /.bash_profile file. So if you do not intend to use Python 2 anymore you can just remove that statement from there. Alias as stated above is also a great way to do it.

Install any Python version you need via Homebrew or whatever and use it in virtualenv. Virtualenv is often considered to be something crap-like, but it's still way, wayyyy better than changing python version system-wide (macOS is likely to protect itself from such actions) or user-wide, bash-wide... whatever. Just forget about the default Python. Using playgrounds like venv is what your OS will be most, very most grateful for.

The case is, for example, many modern Linux distributions get rid of Python2 installed out-of-the-box, leaving only Python3 in the system. But everytime you try to install something old with python2 as a dependency... hope you understand what I mean. A good developer doesn't care. Good developers create clean playgrounds with python version they desire.

Python distributions provide the language itself, along with the mostcommonly used packages and tools. These downloadable files requirelittle configuration, work on almost all setups, and provide all thecommonly used scientific Python tools.

thanks for the tutorial. how would i run python3 via a web page locally on my computer? i have it working with the shebang line #!/usr/bin/python but if i try to change it to #!/usr/bin/python3 i get an internal server error. is there a way of running a form that calls a python3 script in my_env? i need to have it import some python modules too. thanks.

The first is using Macports as the package manager. There are separate ports for several python versions 2.x and 3.x currently 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 3.4 and 3.5. For example to install 3.4 do sudo port install python34 There is also a python_select port that running it allows you to choose which version of python is run by /opt/bin/python. e,g, to select macports python 2.7 port select --set python python27

The other way is install direct from This will install a python into /usr/local/bin I think this installs a python and python3 executable. The issue with Homebrew is that it assumes that things in /usr/local are installed by it and so brew doctor will report these pythons and libraries as issues and as this question shows also the frameworks in /Library will be problematic.

EDIT 8/2018 *** I would now suggest using conda either miniconda or anaconda. This is another package manager but based and mainly meant for python, it also gives the equivalent of python's virtual environments and pyenv (as per other answer) and so each project can be in a different python and different libraries (Macports only switches python version for all projects)

Pygame requires Python; if you don't already have it, you can download it from It's recommended to run the latest python version, because it's usually faster and has better features than the older ones. Bear in mind that pygame has dropped support for python 2.

Pygame still does not run on Python 3.11 as per the github page. The best way to install pygame is with the pip tool (which is what python uses to install packages). Note, this comes with python in recent versions. We use the --user flag to tell it to install into the home directory, rather than globally.

Running the "" script will call distutils to build and install the pygame package. Distutils actually supports a wide variety of compile and install options. running "python help" will start to show you the different options available. You can change many things like install locations, compiler to use, and more. Calling the "" script with no arguments and it will just ask you if you want the default flags needed to compile and install.

Sometimes you will have the SDL libraries installed in once location, and the other SDL libraries in another. This tricks the pygame config scripts, but you can help it out by setting the environment LOCALBASE to a path prefix where the other libraries are. The common case for this is SDL installed in /usr and other SDL libs installed in /usr/local. The command for this situation is "LOCALBASE=/usr/local python install".

To support multiple versions, the programs named python and pythonw now just select the real version of Python to run, depending on various settings. (As of Python 2.5, python and pythonw are interchangeable; both execute Python i

So prior to version 2.5, the regular python executable was notlinked to the Aqua window manager and so could not run GUIapplications. Hence the pythonw. Since 2.5 and beyond, the namepythonw has been left for backwards compatibility.

This article will help you in the installation of Python 3 on macOS. You will learn the basics of configuring the environment to get started with Python. The Python learning program on Knowledgehut is the best advanced python course online that deals with the installation of Python on different operating systems along with a strong curriculum. Let us get started with a brief introduction to Python in this tutorial.

When writing a python program or program in any other language, people usually use something called an IDE or Integrated Development Environment that includes everything you need to write a program. It has an inbuilt text editor to write the program and a debugger to debug the programs as well. PyCharm is a well-known IDE for writing python programs.

pip is a package manager to simplify the installation of python packages. To install pip, run the below command on the terminal:curl -o you install python by using brew which is a package management to simplify installation of software on macOS, it installs other dependent packages as well along with python3 like pip etc.


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