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The Customer is aware that, in accordance with the state-of-the-art technology, it is not possible to produce a computer program which is completely free of errors. Hirschmann warrants that the programs delivered as Software will fulfil the functional and performance features which are contained in the valid product descriptions at the time of entry into the contract, or which are separately agreed to. Excepted from this are defects which represent only non-essential deviations from the respective valid product description. Hirschmann assumes no responsibility that the Software will run without interruption or error, that all Software errors can be eliminated by Hirschmann, and that the functions contained in the Software may be executed in all of the combinations selected by the Customer or that they correspond to its requirements. Hirschmann assumes the obligation to rectify Software errors which impair use in compliance with the contract and which are not of an immaterial nature, specifically at Hirschmann's selection and, depending on the significance of the error, by the delivery of improved software or through information regarding the elimination or through circumvention of the effects of the error. The precondition for the rectification of errors is that the effects of the errors be reproducible, that they be adequately described by the Customer, and that the error be reported to Hirschmann within the term stipulated in section 8. The warranty is excluded to the extent that the error is due to the Customer or a third party making modifications of any kind to the Software or data carriers or treating them in an improper manner. Hirschmann warrants that the data carrier is free from material or manufacturing defects. Hirschmann will replace any defective data carriers with data carriers which are free of defects. The Customer has the right to demand a reduction of the user's fee upon an unsuccessful replacement shipment, or to rescind the contract without cost. In the event of rescission, the Customer will return to Hirschmann any data carrier with the Software and documentation pertaining thereto or will destroy any existing copies. For further claims, especially for compensation for damage which does not occur in the programs themselves, Hirschmann assumes liability pursuant to section 10.

This Merchant Life Free Download (v1.102)



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