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Knights Of Honor 2: Sovereign [PORTABLE]

The knights system is absolutely fundamental in Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign, and it will greatly benefit a player to learn how the knights system works. The system can be a bit difficult at first, but it is worth learning.

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign

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The main thing a player should know is that knights can have all sorts of different jobs. These can range from the Merchant, who signs trade agreements and imports goods, to the Spy, who infiltrates enemy kingdoms and gives the player access to important information.

Regardless of how many knights a player has, they should always ensure that every knight is governing something. This assures that player will be able to acquire all the resources that they need to succeed at running their kingdom.

Without a knight to govern a province, the player will be severely limited in how much that province can produce. In fact, provinces that have a knight governing them will produce resources ten times faster than a province without one. Considering this, it's a no-brainer for a player to assign their knights to provinces.

By spending money on books to educate the player's citizens and knights, they will be able to unlock a long line of skills for them to use. These skills can give all sorts of upgrades, such as being able to produce more resources faster. It is to the player's advantage to have an educated population, as it will enable the kingdom to run more efficiently.

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign is a real time grand strategy game developed by Black Sea Games and published by THQ Nordic. In it, you take control of a nation as its sovereign leader, and are tasked with building up the economy, managing diplomacy and conducting warfare. You are in control of the fate of your nation, and its important to make sure that you plan your next steps accordingly.

There are three kinds of resources which can be spent on a variety of upgrades. Money is needed to recruits units, build buildings, etc. It is earned by taxes, trading and kingdom power. Piety is used for increasing your kingdom power and converting provinces to your religion. Books are used to educate your knights and adopting provinces. Towns themselves also generate hammers (used to construct certain buildings), food which determines how long they can withstand sieges, and peasants which are required to recruit units. 041b061a72


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