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Stuff For Sale

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stuff for sale

Blue Moon Estate Sales has earned its nationally recognized status by providing unparalleled service to the clients we help and an exceptional level of organization, marketing and on-point pricing strategies for the sales we run. We have held thousands of successful estate sales, and our satisfied clients and customers speak volumes about our service.

No matter the situation, our experienced teams will get to work with the utmost care, discretion and professionalism. Blue Moon franchisees go through a rigorous training and ethics program before they open for business and go one to instill our core values in their own staff members. The Blue Moon family is made up of trustworthy, friendly, energetic folks ready to do all they can to make each and every sale a success.

Still, decluttering is an important step in impressing buyers and even adding value to your home sale, say top real estate agents surveyed by HomeLight. According to our research, decluttering can add around $2,500 to your home sale. And unless the market it hot, agents advise not skipping this and other tried-and-true steps to get your home ready for the market.

Renting storage space allows you to sort through your house full of stuff according to your schedule. You have the option between portable storage on your property, full-service storage, and self-storage.

Before you decide where to sell your items, you need to know their value. If your stuff includes high-end jewelry, collectibles, or antiques, consider calling in an appraiser to see what the items are worth. Know that the value might have gone up or down since you or your loved one made the purchase. You can find jewelry appraisers and antique dealers locally and online. Another option is to have an estate sale or auction company appraise your items.

You can hire an estate sale company to sell your stuff all at once. Estate sale companies will send someone out to review the contents and let you know if it makes sense and is worth hosting a sale. If you want to move forward, the company may hold the sale at your house or at their location. High-ticket items are typically sold at auction houses the company owns or uses.

Professional organizers help clients deal with the emotional side of parting with stuff as well as the physical task of clearing out extreme clutter. They provide customers with decision-making strategies, organizing tools, and systems to make the process easier. Some professional organizers work with licensed therapists who treat people suffering from psychological and hoarding disorders.

It's an estate sale for the ages. Stuff belonging to Bill Monroe, the "Father of Bluegrass," is on sale this weekend just outside of Nashville. As the patriarch of a genre and of a passionate musical family, artifacts from his rise to prominence are in high demand.

As Monroe's "high lonesome" sound rings out, shoppers pick through items that are a little more garage-sale-grade. Hannah Fitzpatrick, snagging some deer antlers, says she's not even much of a bluegrass fan. But another customer, John Vaughn, is, and he's already wearing his funky leather jacket. He says it has "energy."

Bill Monroe rose from the humblest of beginnings in a tiny farming community in western Kentucky. His heirs have already donated key pieces, like suits and hats, to museums. There was another estate sale shortly after Monroe's death in 1996, but Jimbo Monroe, Bill's grandson, says there exists at least another warehouse full of his belongings.

"Of course all of the stuff means something to you, but when you have such a large volume of stuff ... it's almost like taking care of a child because you have to make sure it doesn't get wet, doesn't get tore up," Monroe says.

They are holding back the most prized possessions. James Monroe, Bill's son and Jimbo's father, says some materials will remain in the family. "A lot of his lyrics he wrote on paper, we're keeping that kind of stuff," he says. "Some of the pictures I have of my dad back in the '30s and '40s, I'll keep those." 041b061a72


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